Gathered Wildflower Fall Wreath

The mornings have become much cooler and the sunsets just a little earlier these days. I walked outside on September 1 and the low valleys were filled with a heavy fog that hung down to earth. Craddled through the tall trees was the brightest golden yellow sun peeking through in all of its autumn beauty. I grabbed my cellphone to take a photo but nothing truly captures the awe of that moment. That moment set the Autumn mood for me and I knew that I had the desire to create that morning.

Dried Sunflower Head

Easy Tips on How to Dry Sunflowers

Easy tips on how to dry sunflowers that will keep forever. How to Dry and Preserve Sunflowers | Rocky Hedge Farm
Sunflowers are easy to dry and preserve that can be used to make beautiful fall wreaths, or used in dried bouquet arrangements.