All Natural Non Toxic Fall Smell

Holiday Stove Top Simmering Potpourri

I really love to use candles in our home but I have been trying to be much more aware of what we use in our home. Many candles are made with ingredients that I don’t want burning in our home. This year we have been making our own holiday potpourri and allowing it to simmer on our wood burning stove. It smells amazing!

Five Simple Tips for a Peaceful Cozy Christmas

The day the tree goes up in our home, the entire atmosphere begins to change. The everyday ordinary becomes more spectacular with the glow of Christmas lights and Christmas music playing in the background. The joy that fills the air this special time of year must mean that December has arrived. 

How to Keep Your Christmas Greenery Fresh

Do you love using fresh greenery during the holiday season? Adding greenery instantly brings the outdoors in and creates a warmth to the home during the season. Add some lights to your greenery and you instantly have a festive arrangement. 

How to Dry Cranberries for Decorating

Learn how to dry cranberries for decorating using these simple steps. The dried cranberries turn a deep red color and add just a perfect pop of color of the holiday season.