Homestead Update: We Bought Land

I have held onto a dream for the past eleven years of my life. I have longed for a place in the country to call my own where the children can run free, climb trees, build forts and swing in tree swings. I have desired a few goats, some chickens and a large garden that would provide for our family through the year.

Our family loves our community. It is where we have been called to serve as my husband is the pastor of our small rural church. He is also the mayor which requires him to live in town. Searching out land left us with very few choices.

My husband and I have known about this property which is still in city limits but yet backs up to a gorgeous view of the country. The view overlooks the neighbors wide open fields with cattle and horses. We made the choice to speak with the owners of the property who are some friends of ours and then we took a walk around the property. From the moment I walked around the barn I was sold on the place.

Can you imagine the thoughts that went through my head when I seen the inside? I can see beyond the bird poop and the mess to a beautiful barn that is cleaned up. I am not beyond the hours of hard work that it will take to make this barn so lovely on the interior.

Our family spent several hours over at the new place yesterday working on cleaning up around the barn and uncovering the beauty of this place. I think my favorite part of the day would be when our youngest son found out how big the property section was. The plan is to move our home to the right of the barn in this photo. So my husband and I were walking around talking about the location we would like for the home to be sat when our son wanted to know what we were doing. We explained we were talking about where to set the home and he responded with, “we own this too?” He stood there for a moment and then took off running, yelling “trees” and went to climb the closest tree he could get in. It was in that moment that I knew without a doubt how much our children need this freedom to play and explore. He had tears in his eyes when we told him it was time to go.

It will not be easy work to clean up the property. It will be labor intensive as we have to clear out trees and clean up a lot of brush. It will require hours and weekends of our time but we know it will all be worth it. Our current plan is to have our current home (modular) moved over in the 2018 summer. With us homeschooling I don’t want to interrupt that time and get everyone out of routine. We also strive to do things debt free and will need to save to move the home.
I have dreamed of a little place in the country that was ours but I never dreamed that we would have been blessed with such a gorgeous place that had the most beautiful old barn already on it. Our family feels beyond blessed and now we just continue to wait to see how God provides for the move over. Stay tuned for Around the Barn Update No. 2

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