Wildflower Bouquets

Back roads and summer time just go together for me. Given a choice of a back road or the main highway and I will always say the back roads. I feel at peace in the country with nothing but fields, flowers, animals and the occasional tractor or horse and buggy in our area. Driving back roads means slowing down and enjoying life.

We have our first teen driver in the house and yesterday we jumped in the truck to run a few errands. After a trip to the thrift store, the library and then the coffee shop we headed home on the back roads.

The wildflowers are just incredible this year with the large amounts of rain that we have gotten. So we stopped several times in various places to gather a few flowers to add a little beauty to the home in a natural way.

When I clip wildflowers I always clip them longer than I will want. When I get home I clip them to the desired length and then put them in water right away. They will normally last for several days. I love putting bouquets in mason jars. It just adds that farmhouse charm to the home.

We did some furniture swapping around here and now I have another project to work on. I just moved this cabinet into the dining room and will be working to make it over. A little paint and some bead board where hopefully my vision comes to life.

Stay tuned….

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