Simple Spring Farmhouse Bedroom

The birds are chirping. The flowers are beginning to grow. The sun is shining. The windows are open.
We are gladly welcoming Spring weather to our home.
When the weather starts to warm up, I start getting anxious to add Spring touches to our home.

Farmhouse Decor | SPRING DECORATING | Simple

I love using natural elements in our decor and so these blooming Spring branches were the perfect touch in an old sap bucket.

Adding green to our space inside reflected what mother nature was busy doing outside.

White Linen Bedding | SPRING | Light and Fresh

Linen is my choice of fabric for our bed all year long. In the warmer months I remove the duvet insert and we just use the duvet cover. I love to use light and white bedding pieces in the spring and summer to add an airy, bright feel to our room.

Our white linen pillow covers are from Oscar and French.
The gray linen duvet cover is from The Foxes Den.

Our bedroom is kept simple with neutral colors that I find calming and peaceful. To much clutter makes me feel like I need to dust and clean a lot so I enjoy the simplicity of this space. I keep the night stands simple with a few vintage items that I love.

Spring Nightstand | FARMHOUSE DECORATING | Simple

I recently found this vintage lamp at The Vintage Peddler in Springfield Missouri. I didn’t like the original color and so a little bit of spray paint sure helped to transform the lamp into a piece that I really love.
I like these smaller lamps. Not only the vintage aspect but it doesn’t take up much space.

I love keeping live plants in the home. They help purify the air and the pop of green makes me happy. This ivy was placed inside of an old small drawer and then stacked on top of some old books.

A straw hat hanging on an old small camp chair reminds of warm summer days and needing to grab a hat before heading out to work in the garden.

Thank you so much for dropping by our home. Happy Spring!


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