Double Wide Mobile Home Curb Appeal

Driving past our home before we owned it was quite a place to behold and it wasn’t because it had curb appeal. Our yard resembled more of a junkyard on a small scale and so when we purchased the property we had a lot of work to do on not just the interior but the exterior as well.

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Building a potting shed was one of the first exterior projects that I created. With the help of my brother this building was built only using reclaimed items. It has had several looks throughout the seasons and I always enjoy planting around it each year.

The newest project around our home is the small garden pond that I built last year. This project has brought so much joy while we sit on the deck and enjoy the sound of running water, dragonflies buzzing about and even watching the birds bathe in the waterfall.

I really enjoy using unique pieces for the garden to add texture and interest. I also can not pass up a good terra cotta pot and often stack them in piles and will often plant in them as well. Old metal wheels and galvanized buckets are a favorite for placing in the flower gardens.

We still have a very long to-do list but sometimes the inside of the home takes priority over the exterior. At the top of the to-do list is painting the deck this year and I hope to accomplish that this spring. Stay tuned for updates.

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14 thoughts on “Double Wide Mobile Home Curb Appeal”

  1. I somehow came across your Instagram feed this weekend. Once i did, I spent most of the afternoon Saturday looking through every picture you posted. I am in awe of the home you have created for you and your family.
    You and your husband were very brave to take on such a project. It is truly remarkable what you have done thus far. I look forward to following along on your journey.
    Will you have any of your linen towels listed soon? I started using linen towels last year and love them. I would love to add some of your to my collection.

    • So glad you came across my feed and that your enjoying the photos. I will be listing more linen towels on Friday February 3. I should have around 15 ready to go so you will want to be quick when I post them. I will have them in my shop at 8:00 CST. Thank you for the support and kindness!

  2. Amazing transformation! It is sad how people treat manufactured homes as if they are disposable. Glad you are giving this one the love of a family proud to call it home.

    • I think it is sad as well. They have such a "poor" mentality placed upon that simply isn’t true. We knew when we purchased our home that people would think we were crazy but I love showing what can be done. I hope people realize that some opportunities are just to good to pass up and this was ours. If debt free in my 30’s means living where I do then I will be happy here. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It truly is encouraging.

  3. Beautiful home and debt free! That is wonderful! I love your potting shed! Your entire home, inside and out, looks so cozy and inviting! You and your family have done a great job!

  4. Lovely home! Its amazing what a little TlC can do for a place!! Sure it’s a lot of work but doesn’t take much money and makes such a difference!!! ❤️

  5. I to live in a double wide manufactured home. It is 2 years old and am at a total loss how to make it my own. It’s VERY plan and drab and dark inside. Have such dreams and plans but when my husband will not help me it’s very overwhelming. I will be watching how u do yours for an inspiration. Any tips?

  6. Hey I’m loving your place, we are redoing our mobile home as well. When you redid your kitchen where did you move your your refrigerator, that’s the room we are about to tackle and I’m trying to figure out the layout that I want. Your shutters did you paint them yourself or bought new ones, if you did paint them what kind of paint did you use? Thanks

    • Thanks! The fridge was moved over to the wall that separates the living room and the kitchen. This is not a permanent situation as we are going to be redoing a full kitchen remodel this year.
      I did paint the shutters myself. I used spray paint and it worked perfectly.

  7. Love your blog and looking at the pictures. We don’t have a double wide, but at one time were looking at them.. The salesman showed us a plan of one that he was building for himself. I asked if I could have a copy. With a few changes, that’s the plan we went with when we built our house. After over 20 years, sometimes I still miss our old farmhouse which got knocked down. You are my inspiration!!

  8. Hi Sarah, I just ran into this post today, which includes an older post (and photos) within. So, this being the first time that I saw the property and your double-wide, very shortly after you acquired it. Loved watching the transformation of the exterior of your home AND the lot upon which it sits. Thank you for bringing this older post back. It filled in a lot of things that you spoke of, but I had not seen, after I began following you, both on Facebook and Pinterest. I have seen some Instagram photos, but currently I’m not on Instagram. I can see pics, but can’t comment. My, what a transformation you all have done with your home. Looking at current pictures, I never would have truly comprehended what you came into, when you first bought your home & the ground it sits on. Beautiful work! I have been researching Clayton Homes, here in WV, but not coming up with a lot…yet. But I don’t give up easily…lol. Thank you, again!


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